The Journey Begins Here...

The first Jasper County Texas school bus built by Nathaniel "Nat" Jeffers. 
Teachers and girls rode, boys rode donkeys or walked.


Precious mem’ries,, how the linger;

How they ever flood my soul.

In the stillness of the midnight,

Precious, sacred scenes unfold.


Precious memr’ies, unseen angels

Sent from somewhere to my soul

How they linger, ever near me

And the sacred past unfold.


Precious father, loving mother

Fly across the lonely years

And old home scenes

Of my childhood

In fond memory appear.


In the stillness of the midnight

Echoes from the past I hear

Old time singing, gladness bringing

From that lovely land somewhere.


I remember mother praying

Father, too, on bended knee

Sun is sinking, shadows falling

But their prayers still follow me.


As I travel on life’s pathway

Know not what the years may bring

As I ponder, hope grows fonder

Precious mem’ries flood my soul.

I think I always revered our ancestors but knew so little about them until a few short years ago when I finally began genealogy research, on my family and the family of Alricks Burkett, my wonderful husband. Now I understand why we are deeply indebted to each of them and why memories of them have become dearer to us. It is because of those brave souls who came from other parts of the world, crossing oceans, looking for religious freedom and a better place to live. Some of them died on ships as they crossed oceans while making their way to America. Others died after reaching the land of their dreams, as they pressed forward from east to west coasts in this wonderful land they now called home.

Yes, we owe them a debt of gratitude! It is because of them that we are who we are today and because of their strong will and perseverance and because they dared to dream, now,in the year 2007,” we are still living their dreams. It is our duty to keep their memories and their dreams alive!


Ruby Boyett Burkett

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